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Recruiting graduate students interested in conducting neuroimaging research at University of Haifa


We are pleased to announce on a new large-scale collaboration between the University of Haifa and Rambam Medical Campus, with the establishment of a Functional Brain Imaging Research Center. This center will enable a huge leap in the development of brain research at the University of Haifa, and will promote multidisciplinary research on topics such as the neural basis of depression and anxiety, addictions, emotion and cognition, learning and memory, attention and perception, decision making, pain, brain plasticity, neurorehabilitation and many many more. Access to this state-of-the-art brain imaging modality will help and support efforts to recruit leading brain researchers to the University of Haifa, as well as promising talented students. The imaging center will cover an area of about 500 square meters on the Rambam campus and will be equipped with three modern MRI scanners. In addition to access to the MRI scanner, the collaboration agreement between the institutions dedicates an area of 70 square meters to researchers from the University of Haifa, including behavioral testing rooms, student rooms, researcher room, and more.