Dr. Tali Bitan


Psychology department, IIPDM, IBBR

Academic background

I am a Senior Lecturer at the Psychology Department at the University of Haifa, and the head of the clinical neuropsychology MA program. I am also a neuropsychologist and a certified rehabilitation psychologist. I completed My Ph.D. in 2004, in Brain Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and then went on to do a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University.

Research interests

My research interests are the plasticity of neuro-cognitive processes during training, and rehabilitation in the language domain. I use behavioral experiments, fMRI and sleep measures. I am interested in topics such as: changes in the connectivity among brain regions during the language rehabilitation in patients with aphasia; effects of age on learning and consolidation of a second language; and the neural mechanisms underlying reading acquisition.

Relevant courses

Introduction to neuropsychology - Psych. department, BA level Brain and Language - Psych. department, MA level

Current students and alumni

Current PhD students: Daphna Ben-Zion; Tammar Truzman; Tammy Moshon; Current MA students: Neta Weitzmann Bechor Baruch

Home Page: https://www.talibitan.com/