Dr. Einat Kodesh


Physical Therapy

Academic background

*Zinman College for Physical Education & Sport Wingate Institute , Israel . B.Ed, Specialization in cardiac rehabilitation 1984-1988 Physical education *Tel Aviv University, Department of Physiology, Israel. MSc 1992-1995 Thesis: ""Immune response to exercise among gymnasts and untrained girls and among female judoka and untrained subjects"" *Tel Aviv University, Department of Physiotherapy, Israel B.P.T 1994-1998 Physiotherapy *The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Department of Physiology Israel. PhD 2003-2007 Dissertation: “Combined heat acclimation and exercise training: Molecular and physiological adaptation in cardiac and Soleus muscles” University of California Irvine Pediatric department. *Post-doctoral fellowship: Professor Dan M. Copper Director of the institute for Clinical Translational Science.US 2007-2008. Exercise induced asthma

Research interests

My main field of research is physical activity in healthy individuals as well as in the medically compromised. In the Physical Therapy Department (my current position) I have focused on human performance (young and older adults, athletes and disabled individuals) with different exercise requirements. My laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments to monitor and measure metabolic, cardio-pulmonary, and kinematic variables. The combination of my training as a physiotherapist and my expertise in the field of exercise physiology enabled me to address the relationship between the metabolic cost of mechanical and cognitive loads.

A sample project

Examination of the metabolic cost of performance of a cognitive task while walking. The usage of eye-tracking technologies in indor climbing.