Dr. Irit Weissman-Fogel


Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

Academic background

B.Sc in Physiotherapy, Tel Aviv University; Master of Science in Medical Sciences ,Technion; Ph.D. in Clinical Neurophysiology, Technion; Post-Doctoral Studies in Brain, Imaging and Behaviour-Systems Neuroscience, Toronto Western Research Institute, University Health Network and University of Toronto

Research interests

I investigate brain functions in relation to pain by combining brain imaging (magnetic resonance imaging [MRI]) and electrophysiological techniques (electroencephalography [EEG], evoked potentials and trans-cranial magnetic stimulation [TMS]). I focuse my research on brain mechanisms that subserve and regulate pain in the healthy state; this is in order to identify alterations in mechanisms supporting pain modulation in chronic pain disorders, including their therapeutic relevance. I am also studying the role that individual differences in brain morphology and neurophysiology have on predicting treatment success.

A sample project

Pain in autism spectrum disorder (ASD): A psychophysical and neurophysiological exploration of pain sensitivity and its relation to clinical characteristics; Integration of neuroimaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation: an exploration of the neuroplasticity of endogenous analgesia in health and chronic pain

Current students and alumni

Yuval Argaman; Lee-Bareket Kisler; Tseela Hofman; Hana Karpin; etc.