Dr. Pavel Goldstein


School of Public Health

Academic background

unremitting presence can lead to a variety of mental health issues, depression above all, which often intensifies pain. Such a sad picture motivated him to focus almost all his research on the problem of chronic pain. In addition, being a data scientist for more than 10 years, Dr.Goldstein has extensive expertise in the analysis of various types of healthcare data and developing online studies. Dr.Goldstein's research is essential for more than pure knowledge. Ultimately, it is driven by the need to integrate between the academy and the industry. Providing data science consultations for medical device companies, academic researchers from multiple fields and doctors helped him to acquire a "common ground" between academic investigators, business representatives, and healthcare providers. When all parties see the advantage of combining the industrial drive to get things done with the academic urge to ג€˜understand how it works, the final outcomes improve significantly.

Research interests

Despite the immense body of research dedicated to the investigation of pain, studies generally measure pain expression unidimensionally, isolating the sufferer from any relevant social contexts. However, pain is a complex phenomenon, and therefore the research of it requires new integrative perspectives. I am thrilled to establish CPPH lab (Chronic Pain and Public Health laboratory) at the School of Public Health, University of Haifa, directing my research towards understanding the interaction between biological, psychological, and social mechanisms that underlie pain perception.

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