Dr. Avi Mendelsohn


Faculty of Natural Sciences, Sagol Department of Neurobiology; Institute for Information Processing and Decision Making.

Academic background

I Initially studied psychology, moved on to Psychobiology, and continued to a PhD in Neurobiology.

Research interests

I study declarative memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval, focusing on real-life episodic memory models and interactions between learning systems in the brain.

Relevant courses

fMRI analysis using SPM. Open to everyone from M.A. and up.

Current students and alumni

PhD students: Batel Yifrah, Amir Assouline, Nuphar Rotem, M.Sc. students: Daniel Panitz, Anatoly Shneyer, Limor Shemesh, Reut Binyamin

Home Page: http://sciences.haifa.ac.il/new/faculty/hml/